An index to Christmas cards, clippings, brochures, postcards, and invitations in the scrapbook. Christmas cards are also indexed in the Finding Aid and the Letters Index.

PostcardWilli Baumeister23"Zimmer is bestellt. Pension Markle. Plank Str.70 (Ecke Gerokstr), wo sie schon einmal gewohnt haben. Herzliche grusse"
PostcardWilli Baumeister25"Easter Greetings from Willi B. April, 1949"19494
PostcardWilli Baumeister25"New Years Greeting, 1950"19501
PostcardWilli Baumeister25"Card from Heinz Rasch and Willi in Wuppertal refering to my translations; Dec. 1949"194912
NoteWilli Baumeister25"Christmas Greetings from Willi, 1948" (1 page)194812
NoteWilli Baumeister26To the Fontaines; November 1948, in French with drawings front and back194811
PostcardWilli Baumeister26Pencil sketch, otherwise blank
PostcardWilli Baumeister26"Card from Willi in Paris with Hartungs"
PostcardWilli Baumeister26Photo postcard "Jan. 50, where the Ballet dancers go after their program in Stuttgart; from Willi B."19501
PostcardWilli Baumeister26Photo postcard "May 1950, Baumeister mural in Heidenberg Restaurant, Stuttgart"19505
InvitationWilli Baumeister26"Invitation to Willi's 60th Birthday Party in the Bubenbad Stuttgart, 22 Jan 1949."19491
PostcardSiddi Heckel32Concerning Erich Heckel, Jan. 11 1951, Karlsruhe. Thankyou note for Virginia's portrait photo of Erich Heckel, by his wife Siddi19511
PostcardGerhard Fietz;Helga Fietz34"Jan, 1950 Greetings from Helga and Gerhardt Fietz"19501
PostcardIda Kerkovius3826-Jun-5019506
Ticket46Orient Express ticket; "Made this trip with Bob and Inez Friedman"
PostcardEwald Matar‚56Jan. 30 1948 postcard of a cow's head."Postcard from Matare" "Dear Mrs. Virginia Fontaine. Every day cordially welcome except on the 9 or 10. On these days will I go to the carneval in Cologne. That is the only day when I feel me free from my family. I beg your pardon. Matare." "And so I invited him later on--"19481
BookletEwald Matar‚56"The Phoenix in government building in Dusseldorf, 1949"19491
ReproductionWilli Baumeister63Signed by artist to Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine
PostcardWilli Baumeister64"Card from Willi in Santander, Spain, 1950" ink drawing and a type written note about arrival dates1950
PostcardWilli Baumeister64Willi in Darmstadt, 13-16 July 195019507
PostcardWilli Baumeister64Photo postcard, "Darmstadt Kunstler-Kolonie"."Card from Willi about the great weekend discussion for and against modern art- at Darmstadt" "Summer, 1950-July"19507
Invitation64"Invitation to Zimmer Galerie Franck, 25 Jan 1951"19511
ProspectusHans Hartung;Ottomar Domnick;Virginia Fontaine65"Dominick's prospectus for the Hartung Book." Virginia did the English translation
CatalogRoberta Gonzalez67Galerie Colette Allendy, 12-28 june 1951. Invitation to Roberta Gonzalez opening 12 June 195119516
Postcard78"Braunfels castle, on the Lahn river near Wetzlar"
Postcard78"Schloss Braunfels / Lahn"
Postcard79castle Braunfels on the Lahn-summer view "Schloss Braunfels/Lahn"
CatalogRolf Cavael80small exhibition catalog
CatalogPaul Fontaine82"Catalogue made by Friends of Contemporary Art, 1950, for traveling exhibition in the US. Information Centers, 1950-51."1950
Gallery Opening82Margaret Brown Gallery: Paul Fontaine Paintings, 23 Jan-11 Feb 195019501
ClippingJurg Spiller;Paul Fontaine82"Weg in die Drre - Zwei Abstrakte in Kunstkabinette"Paul Fontaine, Jurg Spiller" Frankfurter Presse 10-June 195019506
Gallery OpeningJurg Spiller;Paul Fontaine82Das Frankfurter Kunstkabinett: Paul Fontaine/Jurg Spiller (x3)19506
Gallery OpeningJurg Spiller82Galerie d'art Moderne, Bale: Jurg Spiller19501
Press ClippingPaul Fontaine83Amerika-Haus Marburg: "Paul Fontaine im Amerikahaus" Marburger Presse19508
Press ClippingPaul Fontaine;Rolf Cavael;Will Grohmann83"Critic by Dr. Will Grohmann Berlin, October 1950 regarding the Paul Fontaine and Rolf Cavael exhibition in the Berlin Amerika-Haus"195010
FlyerPaul Fontaine84die gruppe: "Exhibition in the Hamburg Museum to which Paul was invited to send 3 paintings, November 1950"195011
ClippingJurg Spiller;Paul Fontaine84Kompositionen und Konstruktionen: Paul Fontaine und Jurg Spiller im Kunstkabinett. Frankfurter Rundschau, 10 Jun 195019506
Clipping84Tagung der Christian Science
Clipping (x 2)84Gemalte Psychogramme
Invitation84Opening of gruppe, 5 Nov 1950195011
PostcardWilli Baumeister84Concerning gruppe show. "Dear Virginia and Paul . The Gruppe-Hamburg" wrote me : the pictures of Paul are exhibited of the show! Much love sincerely yours , Willi
PostcardHeinz Rasch84Paul Fontaine: Im Studio Fur Neue Kunst, 1951 "Best Grusse, Heinz"
ClippingHanna Bekker vom Rath;Virginia Fontaine85"Photo taken at Hanna's home in Hofheim for Die Neue Munchner Illustrierte, July 1950, story on German cultural centers."19507
DrawingBernard Schultze86"Christmas Greetings from Bernard Schultz, 1950."195012
DrawingHermine Mller;Rolf Mller-Landau87"Christmas Greetings from Rolf Muller-Landau, 1950" Hand drawing1950
ReproductionRolf Mller-Landau89Painting by Rolf Mller-Landau
Postcard90"Fasching Card" "Shots of Hofheim"1950
Invitation93La Sculpture en France de Rodin a Nos Jours. "Went to this opening with Hans Hartung." 10-july-2 oct-194919497
Postcard93"Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) The Serpent - Charmies - in the Louvre, Paris"
Postcard93"Attended the Great Gaugins show at the Jeu de Pannes, Paris July 1949 from Courtauld Institute of Art - London. Saw this show with Chichio Haller of Zurich. From Paris we drove to the Riviera."19497
Gallery OpeningHenri Davring95Henri Davring, Oeuvres Recentes , Galerie des deux Ils, Paris, 24-March-15/1pril 195019503
LicensePaul Fontaine104US Office of Military Government Hesse Hunting & Fishing License for Paul Fontaine19484
PassPaul Fontaine104Permanent Pass, Publications Branch Depot (PF)19493
Christmas CardNoldi Rdlinger108"Kunsthalle Director, Bern, Noldi Rdlinger(Christmas Cards, 1950)" (artist of card is unknown)195012
Christmas CardJurg Spiller108"Jurg Spiller, Mexico (Christmas Cards, 1950)""With the very best wishes for Geeny, Paul and the children for the new year, for Paul's painting and all your happiness, yours truly, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 12-50195012
Christmas CardArthur Fauser108"Arthur Fauser (Christmas Cards, 1950)"original drawing of a pallet with descriptions.1950
Christmas CardChristian Rohlfs108"Helena Rohlfs (Christmas Cards, 1950)"Card written by Helena Rohlfs. Woodcut by Christian Rolfs "That was a nice surprise. Who did the Christmas tree and all the dancing letters?"195012
Christmas CardWilli Baumeister108"Willi Baumeister (Christmas Cards, 1950)"195012
postcardWoty Werner109"Weaver Woty Werner Berlin Dec. 1950"195012
postcardIda Kerkovius109Ida Kerkovius weaving1949
Christmas CardFrances Alsberg;Henry Alsberg109"Henry and Frances Alsberg"
Christmas CardBurtie Durlacher;Eileen Durlacher109Christmas card 1950."He told us about our African cow made from iron rails for the British railway. The workers swiped them to make things with them in Uganda."195012
Christmas CardDora Ritschl;Otto Ritschl109"Dora and Otto Ritschl, Wiesbaden"195012
Christmas CardWill Grohmann110"Greeting from Wm. Grohman 30.12.50 Berlin"195012
Christmas CardEmy Schmidt-Rottluff;Karl Schmidt-Rottluff110"From Emy und Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Berlin '50"195012
Christmas Card110"Alex von Kauffmanns, Copenhagen"195012
Christmas CardThorbjorg Freeland110"Stephan and Thorbyorg Frieland"195012
Christmas CardTom Noonan;Vicki Noonan110Christmas card from the Noonans, reading "Pax: Noonans" on front195012
Christmas CardCharlotte Weidler111Japanese stencil card, Christmas 1950-51195012
Christmas Card111Drawing of guitarist on front195012
Christmas Card111Christmas or Valentine's Day card, c. 1951195012
Christmas CardInes Friedmann;Robert Friedmann111"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Central Art Studios. Ines, Robi, Loretta, Baldo (the Collie) and Mickey (the Cat).Graphic on card is by Arthur Fauser (?)195012
Christmas CardNancy Tuttrup;Paul Tuttrup112"Merry Christmas , Nanc & TuT."195012
Christmas Card (small)Gustav Bauer112Machine-printed and hand-signed.Gustav Bauer-Schlichtergroll "and thanks for your good wishes"195012
Christmas CardRolf Cavael112Silkscreened by the artist."GLUCK UND FRIEDEN FUR 1951 WUNCHT IHNEN"195012
Christmas CardGordon Gilkey112Photograph of the Gilkey family195012
Christmas CardMarylou Solms;Pucky Solms-Oppersdorf112(additional signatures)195012
Christmas CardHildegard Graverius112Postcard with holiday greetings.Hildegard Graverius195012
Christmas CardMyrtle Hammersmith112Image of Deer with trees195012
Christmas CardEline McKnight;Maxwell McKnight112"Greetings from Free Berlin"195012
Card113"Marburg University fasching party, Jan. 20, 1951"19511
Card116Cavael painting
PostcardEmy Roeder118To Virginia Fontaine.(Making arrangements for Ginny's last sitting for the head that Roeder was sculpting)19511
Newspaper clippingEgon Vietta;Willi Baumeister120"My first published photo," of Willi Baumeister at work in "Die Welt," April 1951. Article: Vietta, Egon, "Der Tanzende Pinzel" Die Welt, 23 Apr 195119514
InvitationWilli Baumeister120Invitation to exhibition at he Frankfurt Kunstkabinett19512
BookletWilli Baumeister120Accompanying exhibition at the Moderne Galerie Otto Stangl, Munich19516
Ballet ProgramWilli Baumeister121"One of the first modern ballets produced in Germany - sets by Willi Baumeister saw this with Hanna."Ballet Program from Staatsteater Stuttgart194710
PostcardWilli Baumeister122To Paul Fontaine, June 26, 195119516
CardWilli Baumeister122"Baumeister show at Lutz and Meyer, Stuttgart, I took JB Neumann to see it? Sept. 29 - Oct. 20, 1951"19519
CardPaul Fontaine124"This brown and blue silk-screen graphic was later chosen for the 40 which were sent on a tour of the US by the Brooklyn Museum."The Brooklyn Museum, Feb 195119512
Newspaper clippingPaul Fontaine125"Rheinische Post, April 16, 1951." Titled "Abstrakte Kunst in der "Brucke"--Eine austellung von Bildern der amerikanischen malers Paul Fontaine"19514
Newspaper clippingPaul Fontaine126"Paul's traveling show was invited to be exhibited in the British Information Center at Remscheid, Ruhr, in April, 1951. The center is called "die Brucke.""Visuelle Dissonansen-Austellung abstrakter Kunst-der Amerikaner Paul Fontaine" in"Remscheider General Anzeiger" 18-Apr-5119514
InvitationShinkitchi Tajiri129"Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal"
NoteWilli Baumeister130To Virginia Fontaine, regarding the Domnick Prize19514
BookletOttomar Domnick131"Die Kunst und das Schone Heim." "Dominick's home and office - 65 Gerockstrasse, Stuttgart." Signed "Fur Virginia Fontaine?.."194911
Program134Program for Plaza del Toro, Madrid
Map134With route drawn for trip to Spain, May 8-June 1, 1951.19515
Photo-card135Dragon on wall at Poitiers Christian Church, 400 AD.
Photo-card135La Baptiste de Saint-Jean, on wall at Poitiers Christian Church, 400 AD
Ticket136Grotte de Lascaux entry ticket
Ticket137Grotte de Lascaux entry ticket
Postcard138Chartres cathedral
Souvenir card138"Nativite, Cathedrale de Chartres"
Souvenir card138"Saint Eustache, Cathedrale de Chartres"
Postcard138"Christ in the garden of Gethesneme, 12th Cent."
Postcard138"North Portal"
Postcard138"Virgin in the Adoration of the Maja on the Choir Screen, 16th cent.
Postcard139Cathedrale de Chartres, Porteur d'eau
Postcard139"Choir screen 16th cent.: Statues 18th cent Chartres"
Postcard139"Death of the Virgin 13th cent. North Portal Chartres"
Postcard139"Chateau de Chambord very empty and run-down inside and rustic"
Postcard139"Double inside staircase at Chambord"
Postcard139"Chateau de Amboise; chapel and tomb of Leonardo da Vinci is behind the trees in this photo."
Flyer140Santander Spain, "North coast of Spain"
Clipping140"Cueva de Altamira: Conjunto de pinturos policromadas"
Souvenir card140Reproduction of bison from Altamira
Souvenir card140"Boar," reproduction from Altamira
Souvenir card140"Resting bison," reproduction from Altamira
Souvenir card140"Deer," reproduction from Altamira
Souvenir card140"Horse with unborn colt," reproduction from Altamira
Souvenir card140"Female bison," reproduction from Altamira
Flyer141"Burgos, Spain; Cathedral at Burgos begun by Ferdinand III in 1221 - Towers are 14th and 15th cent."
Souvenir card141"Old Manor House used as hotel today; Staircase in Parador Gil Blas Scantillona del Mar. Ate supper here."
souvenir card141"Gil Blas"
Clipping141"Picos de Europa (Santander)"
Card141La Barraca - "Ate a checken and fish pie here"
Postcard142Toledo, "Before? Civil War of 1936"
Postcard142Toledo, "After Civil War of 1936"
Postcard142Toledo, "Courtyard of Alcazar built by Charles V destroyed in Civil War"
Postcard142Toledo, "70 km from Madrid."
Postcard142Restaurante Almirante, "ate here!"
Postcard142"The Col. Who refused to surrender the Alcazar although his son was killed as a hostage."
Postcard142Cave painting, written to Carol, May 12 1951.19515
Postcard142Photo of hotel, written to Carol, May 14 1951.19515
Postcard143"El Greco's selfportrait, from "The Burial of Count Orgaz."
Ticket143"Ticket to El Greco's home."
Postcard143From the Prado in Madrid.
Ticket144"Permit to take photos"
Souvenir card144Jardin de los Adarves
Souvenir card144"Parador de San Francisco at Granada, stayed here."
Souvenir card144"Parador de San Francisco at Granada, stayed here."
Flyer145"Giralda Tower, 12th cent., Southwest Spain"
Ticket145Alcazar de Sevilla
Souvenir card146"Back to Madrid"
Souvenir card147"Cathedral," Palma de Majorca
Souvenir card147"Monastery, local used by Wagner."
BookletLidy von Lttwitz148Sculptures 1949-1951, incl. note to Paul Fontaine. "Dear Mr. Fontaine, going through the exposition des realites nouvelles, just now, not very interested in the too many pictures I suddenly thought ; but that is something! And looked for the name and found Paul Fontaine--Many greetings to you and your wife. Lidy Luttwitz
Promotional photo148"Die Pilgerin, Die Begnadete, Die Enwartende."Photo of artwork of Ernst Barlach
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1947"194712
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1948"194812
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1949"194912
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1950"195012
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1951"195112
Christmas CardPaul Fontaine150"Silk-screen cards by Paul, 1952"195212
ReproductionHans Hartung151T 1947-29
MapPaul Fontaine152"On March 16, 1950, we moved to our new apartment - at Atterberry H-1-3 from 4 Karl von Weinbergstrasse."19503
InvitationCharlotte Weidler;Paul Fontaine;Virginia Fontaine152"We gave a farewell party for Dr. Charlotte Wiedler on Nov. 14, 1950 - and invited the people with whom she had been working in the U.S. Information Centers." (an invitation written in rhyme)195011
FlyerCharlotte Weidler;Paul Fontaine153Amerika Haus Marburg-Lahn. Painting tour of US Information Centers by the Friends of Contemporary Art Society.Amerika Haus Marburg-Lahn. Program no.67. Dr. Charlotte Weidler speaks for the opening of Paul Fontaine exhibition."23 oil and watercolor paintings were out on tour of the US Information Centers in Germany by "The Friends of Contemporary Art" society from July 1950to July 1951. The cities included were:Wiesbaden, Marburg, Fulda, Giessen, Kassel, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Hamburg and Wuppertal"19508
FlyerPaul Fontaine153Amerika Haus Fulda Opening of Paul Fontaine Exhibit:"23 oil and watercolor paintings were out on tour of the US Information Centers in Germany by "The Friends of Contemporary Art" society from July 1950to July 1951. The cities included were:Wiesbaden, Marburg, Fulda, Giessen, Kassel, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Hamburg and Wuppertal"19509
Newspaper clippingVirginia Doern153"Ginny Doern surprised us with a visit last summer 1950 and then later this clipping was sent to us." Milwaukee Sentinel19508
Newspaper clippingGodo Remshardt;Paul Fontaine160"Frankfurter Rundschau, July 24, 1951" "Sommerlicher Kunstspatziergang--Zur neuen austellung des Frankfurter Kunstkabinetts"19517
Newspaper clippingHans Maria Wingler;Paul Fontaine160"Frankfurt Neue Presse, July 18, 1951"Wingler, Hans Maria"Meister und Epigonen--Austellung im Frankfurter Kunstkabinett" "Frankfurt Neue Presse, July 18, 1951"19517
Newspaper clippingPaul Fontaine160"Neue Festag, July 17, 1951" "Maler aus aller Welt im Kunstkabinett" Neue Festag, July 17, 195119517
InvitationFrancois Germain;Hilla Rebay;Paul Fontaine160Frankfurter Kunstkabinett, 1951.Invition to exhibition including
France:Jean Deyrolle, Francois Germain, Paris
Switzerland: Cornelia Forster, Zurich; Otto Nebel, Bern
USA: Paul Fontaine, Hilla Rebay, Rolf Scarlett,Lloyd Ney,Jean Xeron,
Italy: Dorazio, Querini, Perilli
ArticlePaul Fontaine161Kassel Hessiche Nachrichten v.17 August 1951 "Neue Bilde von Paul Fontaine. Eine interessante Austellung im Amerika Haus"(Retyped article from newspaper)19518
Poster161Amerika-Haus activities, Kassel1951
Brochure162"Amsterdam weekprogramma Met scurses dooor Noordholland 27 July 1951" City program guide on Amsterdam for the week of 27 July 1951."Weekend in Holland with Paul, July 27, 28, 29, 1951"19517
Souvenir card163"Juan Gris (1887-1927) Still Life, 1915, Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo, Holland - this museum was privately accomplished and then given to the state.
Souvenir card163"Massimo Campigli, 1895, Woman with Fan, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam"
Souvenir card164"Pablo Picasso, 1881 - still-life, 1924, coll. Regnault in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam"
Postcard164"Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), "The Night-Watch" - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam"
Souvenir card164"Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890 - The Draw-bridge, Arles, March, 1888, in Kroller-Muller Rjksmuseum, Otterlo, Holland
Flyer164Stedelijk's 150 Van Goghs - "We drove to Amsterdam especially to see De Stijl exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum - we also saw that this museum has one of the finest collections of modern art in Europe."1951
Souvenir card165Max Ernst - Der Grosse Wald, 1926, Kunstmuseum, Basle."On August 8, 1951, I saw the big Max Ernst retrospective show in Schloss Brhl near K”ln. Together with Hanna Bekker, Baron Deiry and Seymour Hacker"19518
Ticket165Schloss Brhl, Bez. K”ln.Max Ernst retrospective show in Schloss Brhl near K”ln.19518
Invitation165Women's Club of Wisconsin, to Mr. and Ms. Paul W. Hammersmith
Souvenir card165Max Ernst retrospective show in Schloss Brhl near K”ln. , Max Ernst "Gr„tenwald," around 1926
Souvenir card165Hans Jaenisch - Berlin - "Das Leben in Christo"19518
Ticket166Austellung 1951 Mensch und Raum, Darmstadt Mathildenhohe1951
Souvenir cardErnst Oberhoff169Bois de Boulogne, Federzeldnung195111
LetterOssip Zadkine170Dated Jan 12, 1952."Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine, Thank you very much for photographs and wishes--both are accepted with readiness. I so hope if you come again to Paris, you will look me up again and we weill have a friendly chat about all, Cordially yours O. Zadkin"19521
Ticket171Empire Theatre. National Broadcasting Company presents "The Big Show" starring Tallulah Bankhead."Saw this wonderful show with Paul, Yvonne Hagen and the Melton Davis's"19519
FlyerWoty Werner171Tapisseries, Cahiers D'Art, Paris June 5-29, 195119516
Brochure171(Dimitri)Varbanesco, May 25-June 14, 195119516
ProgramAnahid Ajemian;Maro Ajemian172Hessischer Rundfunk, 1. Kammerorchesterkonzert. "These talented American musicians visited us in October 1951, and then again later after their concerts in Vienna."195110
BrochureAnahid Ajemian;Maro Ajemian172Violin-Piano duo, Carnegie Hall, January 11, 195219521
Christmas CardAnahid Ajemian;Maro Ajemian173"Christmas Card from the Ajemians, 1951"1951
ProgramErnst Krenek173Dated November 24, 1951.Program of Music in Frankfurt. Lists concert by Ernst Krenek at the Frankfurter Kunstkabinett 24 Nov 1951195111
Lyric sheetErnst Krenek173"Ballad von der Eisenbahn"Typed text of German translation of his "Ballad from a train". Signed by Ernst and Gladys Krenek "6217 Rockcliff Dr. Hollywood 28, Calif"195111
Program174Offentliche Konzert Heman Heiss (Darmstadt) composer, Suzanne Herz (Soprano), Lola Benda (Violin) Jean Sebastien Benda (piano)."Attended this very fine concert of modern 12 tone music - only 20 people present."19522
Program174Frankfurter Kunstgemeinde .Julian von Karolyi,piano."Attended this dull, but well performed concert with Solms-Oppendorf and Paul - packed house"19522
Brochure174Dar Verhor des Lukullus "New modern opera - Lukullus, saw it with Paul, Feb 3, 1952"19522
Program174St„dtische Bhnen Frankfurt am Main Oper "New modern opera - Lukullus, saw it with Paul, Feb 3, 1952"1952
BrochureKurt Jooss175Folkwangtanz - Theater der Stadtessen - Direktor Kurt Jooss1952
Program175Folkwangtanz - Theater der Stadtessen - Ballets Jooss1952
Program175Folkwangtanz - Theater der Stadtessen - Ballets Jooss1952
Advertisement175Wiener Staatsopern-Ballett, "nothing new or original"19524
BrochureJ.B. Neumann176"We Introduce Modern Art since 1910 - New Art Circle J. B. Neumann 41 East 57th St, New York 22"
Postcard176"Tree of Jesse - fresco mosaic by Elsa Schmidt for chapel of St. Thomas More at Yale University"
ClippingHanna Bekker vom Rath177Neue Presse p. 3 Kurz Interview Hanna Bekker vom Rath19521
PostcardWill Grohmann180"Christmas Cards from Christmas 1951 - Card from Will Grohman - Berlin"195112
Money180"Script money was changed again!"195112
CardFritz Winter180"Fritz Winter - Diessens"195112
Christmas CardJurg Spiller180"Jurg Spiller, Basle - "For Paul, 'the indio smoking marijuana!'"19521
Christmas CardJurg Spiller180"Jurg Spiller, Basle - 'For Ginny from Jurg/52"19521
Christmas CardWoty Werner180"Card from Theo and Woty Werner, Berlin"195112
Christmas CardKarl Schmidt-Rottluff181"Prof Carl Schmidt-Rottluff, Berlin note on back, 1951"1951
Christmas CardHAP Grieshaber180
Christmas Card181"Berlin Kunsthalle director"
PostcardHanna Bekker vom Rath181"A card from H. B. v. Rath in Berlin visiting Ludy v. Luttwitz. Later the sculptress had a show in Hanna's Kunstkabinett in Frankfurt."
Holiday CardFerdinand M”ller182"Ferdinand Moller - Koln"
Christmas CardAdolf Rieth182"Artist Otto Pankok, Dr. Alf & Miss Reith, Tubingen"
Christmas Card182"Erika Muller - AG pub"
Christmas CardLidy von Lttwitz182"Lidy von Luttwitz - Berlin"
Christmas CardThorbjorg Freeland182"Stephan and Thorbyorg Frieland, Copenhagen"
Christmas CardCarl Buchheister182"Buchheister, Hannover"
Christmas CardHanna Bekker vom Rath182
Christmas CardAdlyn Moeller Van Steenberg182Dog on front
Christmas CardRosemary Kunz182"Rosemary Kunz - Madrid, US Embassy"
Christmas CardDavid Asherman182Palm trees on front
PostcardBernard Brodda;Hildegard Brodda182"Hildegard and Bernard Brodda, Konig___ / Rhein"
Christmas Card183
Christmas Card183Incl. photos of Arthur Riddle and Riddle children
Postcard183"The Castle in Altena where our family coat of arms is"
Christmas CardRolf Rasch183"Rolf Rasch - Wuppertal"
PostcardIda Hammerschmidt183"Tante Ida's doorway - Altena, Westfalen Dec. 23, 1952"195212
PostcardHanna Bekker vom Rath184"Hanna Bekker - bidding at an art auction in Stuttgart."
CardHanna Bekker vom Rath184"Card sent to us from Switzerland by Hanna, 1952" Klee on front1952
Gallery invitationHanna Bekker vom Rath184Exposition permanente par le Frankfurter Kunstkabinett Hanna Bekker vom Rath et Galerie Louis Carre, Paris
InvitationAlma deLuce;Dan deLuce185"Winter Carnival party in the Frankfurt Museum school - invited by Alma and Dan DeLuce - Feb 1952,Peter Hagan also with us.19522
Postcard186"Cathedral in Haarlem"
Postcard186"Family group by G. Terborgh, Frans Hals Museum - Haarlem"
Postcard186"Carving from Borneo in Tropen Museum, Amsterdam"
Postcard186"Offices of St. John's, 1616 - by Frans Hals, Frans Hals Museum - Haarlem
PostcardWillem Jacob Henri Berend Sandberg186"Card from Dr. Sandberg, director of Amsterdam Muesum received after his visit with us in April, 1952."19524
PassportPaul Fontaine188"Paul's expired passport - issued in 1947"1947
PassportVirginia Fontaine188"Ginny's expired passport - issued in 1946"1946
InvitationCarol Fontaine188Wedding invitation for Carol Fontaine and Daniel Frohman, August 22, 19641964
Press ClippingJurg Spiller;Paul Fontaine83"Gegenstandlose Malerei" Frankfurter Allgemeine 7 June 1950 Critic of Jurg Spiller & Fontaine Kunstkabinett opening19506
Gallery OpeningHeinz Rasch;Paul Fontaine84Im Studio fur Neue Kunst, Wuppertal. Paul Fontaine 19 Feb-18 March 195119512
PostcardHanna Bekker vom Rath110Frankfurter Kunstkabinett Hanna Bekker vom Rath "Paul and Ginny's old lover"195012
ProgramNoldi Rdlinger180"Herzliche Gluckwunche, Nold R."La Comite de la Societe Kunsthalle Berne recomercie sincerement ses membres et amis de l'inerest trmoigne au cours de l'annee ecolee st leur preente ses meilleurs voeux pour 1952195112