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in Letters
AikinAudrey K. Aikin(-)Wife to Charles Aikin 1950-08-27, 1954-06-05v1-22, v2-421952Lwife to Charles Aikin
AikinCharles Aikin(1901-1974)Professor 1950-08-25, 1950-08-27, 1954-06-05v1-21, v1-22, v2-421952LProfessor of Polical Science, Berkeley
AjemianAnahid Ajemian(1924-2016)Musician 1951-10-14v2-71951Lviolin(played Carnegie Hall 11jan52 ) Vienna,, Frankfurt
AjemianMaro Ajemian(1921-1978)Musician 1951-10-14v2-71951Lpiano (played Carnegie Hall 11jan52 ) Vienna,, Frankfurt
AllenWyeth Allen(-)BusinessOwnerLMilwaukee . Friend of Hammersmiths 4/2/1953 letter
AlsbergFrances Gaines Alsberg(1913-2010)Artist1951LCClassmate of Virginia and Paul at Yale. See finding Aid
AlsbergHenry Alsberg(1921-2008)1951C
AltrippAlo Altripp(1906-1991)Printmaker 1950-04-02v1-13SB-86L
AmmannBenno Ammann(1904-1986)Musician 1952-09-19v2-211952
AnastasasGladys Anastasas(1908-1969)SB-16LWife to Mj. Hank Anastasas
AnastasasMj. Henry D.(Hank) Anastasas(1907-1988)US-ArmedForces, US-HICOGSB-16Report from BodenseeAt Wildemann, Baumeister, Fontaine opening, Kunstkabinett, May 1948; "..Chief of Monuments and Fine Art and Cultural Affairs for entire Zone" letter 27Jan1949
ArndtRuth Arndt(1901-1989)Singer 1951-03-12v1-361951guestbook
ArndtYvonne Arndt(-) 1951-03-12v1-36
ArntzeniusLouis Marie George Arntzenius(1898-1964)JournalistLMarried to Yvonne Georgi. Letter 2/18/1962. Music critic and feuilleton editor of De Telegraaf in Holland.
ArpHans Jean Arp(1886-1996) Sculptor1951PhLC
AshermanDavid Asherman(-)Artist 1950-10-11v1-23
BaldwinCharles C Baldwin(1925-2011)US-ArmedForces1951, 1952Lletters 18-22June 1949; 6Oct 1950. Brother to Joan Hewetson
BarkerDr. Gordon Barker(1905-1980)Professor of Criminology1951wife Victoria is sister to Jean Siegfried's husband
BarrAlfred Barr(1902-1981)Art Historian, Museum DirectorReport from Bodensee
BartningOtto Bartning(1883-1959)Architect1952Ph
Bauer-SchlichtegrollGustav Bauer-Schlichtegroll(-) 1949-11-25, 1950-05-2, 1950-08-20, 1951-04-28v1-1, v1-14, v1-20, v1-421951, 1952LCMarried to daughter of Eugenie Kiep. Hanna's niece. Son is Gottlieb-letter 9-April-1948,Jan 1950
Baum Otto Baum(1900-1977)SculptorReport from Bodensee
BaumeisterFelicitas Baumeister(-)SB-22,64Daughter to Willi Baumeister
BaumeisterKrista Baumeister(-)SB-64
BaumeisterMargarete Baumeister(-)PhWife to Willi Baumeister
BaumeisterWilli Baumeister(1889-1955)Painter,Printmaker 1951-02-19v1-351951, 1952SB-22,23,24,64,119,121,122; PhReport from BodenseeCFasching party, Frankfurt, 1947
Beckwith (née Lackey)(1913-2004)
Bekker vom RathHanna Bekker vom Rath(1893-1983)Art Dealer, Collector,Painter 1950-02-04, 1950-09-26, 1950-11-04v1-6, v1-22, v1-261951, 1952SB-15,22,24,30,32,37,52,54,57,64,66,79,85,86,88,91,94,116,121,170,176,184; PhReport from Berlin, Report from BodenseeCFasching party, Frankfurt, 1947
BetzlerEmil Betzler(1892-1974) Painter 1952-03-06v2-12
BischoffHelmut Bischoff(1891-1977)Artist 1952-12-02v2-201952Cworked with Klaus Winter--wrote childrens books, see guestbook v. 2
BissierJulius Bissier(1893-1965) PainterSB-30Report from BodenseeArtist
BissierLisbeth Bissier(1903-1989) WeaverReport from Bodenseewife to Julius Bissier
Bluhm-see Schultz, Ursula Bluhm(-)
BoatmanDale Boatman(1914-2002)US-AG-Publications1951SB-72
BoatmanDot Boatman(-)1951SB-72
BodenBob Boden(-) 1952-07-19v2-161952friends with Callado; travelled with Peggy Mauer and Peter Milton
BoernerAlfred Boerner(1909-1986)US-StateDept, US-HICOGDirector of the HICOG office of Public Affair. Wife Eleanor friend to VF
BoernerEleanor Boerner(-)1951LMarried to Alfred Boerner, Director of the HICOG office of Public Affairs. Traveled with Virginia to Holland April 1950 and Spain, May 1951, along with Sylvia Dayton and Barbara King. Per Album p.134
BogartBram Bogart(1921-2012) Painter 1955-12-08v2-46exhibited Zimmergalerie Franck
BorsodyHans von Borsody(1929-2013)Actor 1956-05-01v2-47
BradleyJosephine Bradley(-) 1950-08-27, 1950-09-13v1-22
BreitenbachEdgar Breitenbach(1903-1977)US-HICOG 1952-03-06v2-121951Lpossibly a monument man:
BreitenbachMargaret Breitenbach(-) 1952-03-06v2-121951L
BroadDave Broad(1925-) 1952-04-25v2-15
BroddaBernard Brodda(1912-1972) Painter 1950-7-21v1-171951SB-113,114
BroddaHildegard Graverius Brodda(-) 1950-04-28v1-141951SB-113,114
BrownMargaret Brown(1908-1957)Art Dealer1952LC
BrownUrsula Brown(-) 1950-08-06v1-18LFriend of Barbara Stein, lives 15 Surrey St, Cambridge MA
BuchheimGwen Militon Buchheim(-) 1950-04-02v1-121951Wife to Lothar-Gunther Buchheim
BuchheimLothar-Gunther Buchheim(1918-2007)Art Dealer, Collector 1951Galerie Buchheim-Militon (Frankfurt). Lothar authored prefaces to this galleries' publications
BuchheisterCarl Buchheister(1890-1964)Artist 1951-06-26v1-461951C
BürgiRolf Bürgi(1906-1967)Collector1951LFounded Paul Klee Society. Gave VF a Klee drawing 13April49 letter
BurtonBette Burton(-)Dancerletter 18 April 1955 -student of Yvonne Georgi
BuschRudolf Busch(1876-1956)Collector, Museum DirectorReport from Bodensee
CalderAlexander Calder(1898-1976) Sculptor1952PhLshowed with Paul Fontaine
CalladoLouis Callado(-) 1951-09-01v2-51951, 1952Diary 1951. Cuban artist they met in Paris.
CarlisleAnne Marie Carlisle(-) 1950-12-27v1-33
CarlisleJames Carlisle(-)US-ArmedForces 1950-12-27v1-33
CavaelDorothee Cavael(-) 1950-09-28v1-23SB-80,116Wife to Rolf Cavael
CavaelRolf Cavael(1898-1979) Painter 1949-12-10, 1950-09-28v1-3, v1-231951, 1952SB-80,116; PhReport from BodenseeC
CavendishLady Cavendish(-)L
ChagallIda Chagall(-)LDaughter to Marc Chagall. Friends with Chichio Haller in Zurich. Letter 5 Aug 1953 Ida's husband is art historian Franz Meyer.
ChamberlainGladys Chamberlain(-) 1951-01-10v1-3319513rd cousin to Virginia--Diary 1951, At Wildemann, Baumeister, Fontaine opening, Kunstkabinett
CharellErik Charell(1894-1974)FilmmakerL
ChladekRosalia Chladek(1905-1995)Choreographer, Dancer1952L
ChristianCaptain Glen Christian(-)SB-39Report from Berlin
ChristianRuth Christian(-)SB-39Report from Berlin
ChudomelJaroslav Chudomel(1929-)Painter,PrintmakerPurchased in bookstore in Prague 1968 by VHF
Coan see Nemtin, Francis (-)
CourtneyDenis A Courtney(-)1952SB-79LFriends of Pucky Solms; parents of Steve
CourtneyWinifred F. Courtney(1918-1994)Writer1952SB-40,79L"...Good supporters of modern art in Frankfurt,esp Baumeister" per letter 30March1949;Friends of Pucky Solms; In Gale's Contemporary Authors:author of Young Charles Lamb, 1775-1802 (1982)"Winifred F(isk) Courtney."
CristNoche Crist(1909-2004) 1953-09-29v2-36LC
CucuelMarold Chas Cucuel(1899-1970)Artist 1951-04-28v1-421951Guestbook 1951-April-28; Diary 1951. Designer of car Hanomag
CunliffeMitzi Solomon Cunliffe(1918-2006)SculptorLetter june 5 1962
CüppersAnnemarie (Petra) Cüppers(1926-2011) 1955-12-17v2-46C
CüppersJoachim Cüppers(1923-2006)Art Dealer 1950-11-04, 1952-03-06, 1952-10-23, 1955-12-17v1-26, v2-12, v2-20, v2-461951LC
DalvitOskar Dalvit(1911-1975) PainterLExhibited with Paul Fontaine Oct -Nov 1949 in Zurich. Described in 11/14/1949 letter
DarcéVirginia Darcé(-)US-HICOG, head decorator 1950-08-24v1-21 1951, 1952Worked for HICOG. Head Decorator
DaviesFlorence Davies(1881-1970)Journalist1951L10/1/51-art critic for Detroit news, Friend of Dr. Valentiner. Aunt to John Davies
Davies, Jr.John Paton Davies, Jr.(1908-1999)US-StateDeptL11-21-51 letter descr McCarthy attack on Davies. Dir of political affairs in German embassay.,_Jr.
DavisGreta Davis(-)1951Lwife to Melton Davis. Head of Lotos Club Frankfurt?? ( see 21Aug 47 letter)
DavisMelton S. Davis(-)US-StateDept;Worked for ECA (Economic Cooperation Administration) in Radio in Paris 1951-12-01v2-81951LWorked for ECA (Economic Cooperation Administration) in Radio in Paris
DavringHenri Davring(1894-1970) Painter 1951-07-01v2-11951PhSB-95,97,98; PhReport from Bodenseeaka Heinrich Maria Davringhausen
DavringLaura Davring(-)1951SB-95,96,98
DaytonKen Dayton(1895-1958)US-StateDept, US-HICOG1951LDiplomatic passport. Advisor to McCloy. Chief Internal Political Affairs Division, Hicog
DaytonSylvia Dayton(-)1951SB-132,136,143LFrom Watertown MA. Husband Ken Dayton is advisor to McCloy29June49letter, April 1950 traveled to Holland with VF and Eleanor Boerner; Traveled with Virginia and Barbara King and Eleanor Boerner to Spain May 1951
de BaryErica de Bary(1907-2007)Writer 1951-05-18v1-431951
de BaryHerbert de Bary(-)Writer 1951-05-18v1-43
de TreyRaymonde de Trey(-) 1953-03-06v2-25
DeitzBernie H. Deitz(-)US-Stars&Stripes 1952-08-28v2-181952worked in Paul's section S&S per Diary 28August1952
DeLuceAlma deLuce(1912-2002)Collector, Journalist 1952-02-22, 1952-11-05, 1954-03-20v2-11, v2-20, v2-401951, 1952LCwife to Dan Deluce
DeLuceDan deLuce(1911-2002)Journalist 1952-02-22,1954-03-20v2-11, v2-401951, 1952LMr. DeLuce, who retired as deputy general manager of The Associated Press, reported some of the bloodiest fighting on the Italian and Western fronts in World War II. Pulitzer prize winner
DevendorfNina Devendorf(-) 1950-11-07, 1953-05-15v1-27, v2-291951L
DevendorfRollie Devendorf(-)US-AG-Publications 1950-11-07, 1953-05-15v1-27, v2-291951SB-104L1975 Eillor Books: "In defense of Richard Nixon" with Leo E. Devendorf (aka A. Plummer)
DiatoAlbert Diato(1927-1985)Artist1951LDid not know him. Only purchased his work.
DixOtto Dix(1891-1969) Painter1951SB-31Report from BodenseeArtist
DoernVirginia Doern(-) 1950-09-13v1-22L
DomezLee Domez(1927-2008) Painter 1950-10-23v1-5LLetter VHF 17 Oct 1950-bought PF graphic;Guestbook 23 October 1950
DomnickGreta Domnick(1909-1991)Physician, film editor, collector1951, 1952SB-130; PhReport from BodenseeC
DomnickOttomar Domnick(1907-1989)Filmmaker, Collector; Physician1951, 1952SB-24,66,86,130; PhReport from BodenseeCCollector Fasching party, Frankfurt, 1947
DoréPastor Doré(-)SB-57
DurlacherBurtie Durlacher(-)Head of British Police 1950-05-02v1-15L
DurlacherEileen Durlacher(-) 1950-05-02v1-15
Eckhardt Ferdinand Eckhardt(1902-1974)Art Historian 1952-03-06v2-12
Eckhardt-GramattéSonja Eckhardt-Gramatté(1899-1974)Composer 1952-03-06v2-12
EichhornAlfred Eichhorn(1909-1972) Printmaker1951Report from Bodensee
EllementFrank J. Ellement(1928-1998) 1954-09-14v2-42
ErbslöhAdolf Erbslöh(1881-1947)Artist, Collector,PainterReport from BodenseeBodensee letter. P.22. Worked with and collected Jawlensky.
ErdmannBruno Erdmann(1915-2003) Painter 1955-10-21v2-45Showed with Fontaine "Stadtische Museum Leverkusen" Sept 1958
Falcon (Brunhilda Pfeiffer)Bruni Falcon(1921-)Opera Singer 1952-08-16, 1953-05-15v2-17, v2-281951, 1952PhLCSang with Peter Hagen
FauserArthur Fauser(1911-1990)Painter,Printmaker 1950-02-04v1-81951L
FietzGerhard Fietz(1910-1997) Painter1951SB-33,34; PhReport from Bodensee
FietzHelga Fietz(1907-1958)Photographer 1950-03-22v1-101951Report from Bodenseewife to artist Gerhardt Fietz
FinckWerner Finck(1902-1978)Actor 1953-06-02v2-32nL
FlüggeTila von Flügge(-)CHungarian. Parents were killed.
FoldesAndor Foldes(1913-1992)Musician 1952-11-05, 1953-02-19v2-201952PhLCConcert pianist per diary 5Nov1952
FoldesLili Foldes(-)Writer 1953-02-19v2-201952PhLCwife to Andor Foldes; wrote "Two on a Continent" 1947 Dutton
Fontaine(1913-1996) PainterSB
Fontaine Frohman Barboo(1942-2002)
FranckKlaus Franck(1906-1997)Art Dealer 1951-03-21, 1951-09-01, 1951-03-21v1-37, v2-51951Zimmergalerie Franck, Frankfurt am Main; Zimmergalerie Klaus Franck
FranckRosamone Franck(-) 1954-03-14v2-371952wife to Klaus Franck
FrankEdvard Frank(1909-1972) Painter 1951-06-01v1-441951with Hanna Dubreuil
FrankeGünther Franke(1900-1976)Art Dealer, Collector1951SB-43Report from BodenseeCollector, Galerie Günther Franke, Munich
FrankeSophie Franke(-)SB-43Wife to Günther Franke
FreelandThorbjorg Freeland(1902-1973)Journalist 1949-12-10, 1952-04-12v1-3LGuestbook and Jan 1950 letter
FriedmannInes Friedmann(-)1951, 1952SB-21,92LCollector, At First post-war Beckmann Show, Frankfurt Staedl Museum, 1947
FriedmannRobert Friedmann(-)Collector1951, 1952SB-21,92LCCollector, At First post-war Beckmann Show, Frankfurt Staedl Museum, 1947
GardnerLouise Gardner(-) 1955-10-24v2-45
GeigerRupprecht Geiger(1908-2009) Painter1951
GeorgiYvonne Georgi(1903-1975)Choreographer, Dancer 1953-02-05v2-241951, 1952LMarried to L.M.G. Arntzenius
GermainFrancois Germain(-)Artist 1951-05-18v1-431951artist opening invite:album p.160
GidalyWilliam Gidaly(1889-1956)US-ArmedForcesReport from Bodenseein Bodensee Letter 1947. Knew the artists Baumeister et al.Chief, Taxes Occupation Costs Section-finance Div-S
GilkeyGordon Gilkey(1912-2000)Artist, Collector,PrintmakerSB-27,28Report from BerlinCCollector, Kunstkabinett opening, May 1947; also First Post War modern art Aopening-Mainz, put on by Dr. Busch
GlazerFrank Glazer(1915-2015)MusicianL
GoddardAnne Goddard(-)US-Stars&Stripes 1954-03-20v2-40(Zumwalt, p. 188-89)
GoldschmidtRobert Goldschmidt(-) 1952-08-16v2-171951, 1952Friend of Peter Hagen (16Aug1952-diary)-part of Republic Pictures
Gomez-SicreJose Gomez-Sicre(1916-1991)Writer, Art Historian 1951-07-20v2-21951
GonzalezRoberta Gonzalez(1909-1976) Painter1951, 1952SB-68,70,71Daughter of Julio Gonzalez, married briefly to Hans Hartung
GordonDon Gordon(1931-1984)Art historian 1953-10-19v2-36
GötzKarl Otto Götz(1914-2007) Painter 1951-02-18, 1951-03-21, 1951-09-01v1-34, v1-37, v2-51952
GötzLaureliese Hayes Götz(-) 1951-09-01v2-5
GrandyRed Grandy(1922-2018)Photographer, US-Stars&Stripes
GrieshaberHAP Grieshaber(1909-1981)Artist1951
GrisebachDr. Hanna Grisebach(1899-1988)Art Dealer1952Founder of Graphische Kabinett Dr. Grisebach, in Heidelberg
GrisebachLothar Grisebach(1910-1989)Artist, Art Historian 1950-10-31v1-24Friend to Barbara Stein. Guestbook 31Oct1950.
GrohmannWill Grohmann(1887-1968)Art HistorianLC
GroschwitzFrances von Groschwitz(-) 1953-07-13v2-33
GroschwitzGustave von Groschwitz(1906-1991)Art Historian 1953-07-13v2-33July 23, 1953 letter--Former Curator of Prints Cincinatti Art Museum. Crucial Years: The Development of United States Government Sponsored Artists Programs 1933-1943 A Panel Discussion by Six WPA Artists
Stephen Neil Greengard, Ellen Sragow, Gustave von Groschwitz, Jerry Roth, Riva Helfond, Harold Lehman, Minna Citron and Harry Gottlieb
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts
Vol. 1, (Spring, 1986), pp. 40-61
HabermanCol. Haberman(-)SB-59
HaerlinWilhelm Haerlin(1906-1958) Painter 1949-11-25v1-1SB-90 Lin letter 12/4/1949. Painted watercolor portrait of VHF
HagemannClaus Hagemann(-) 1950-08-20v1-20
HagemannEva Hagemann(-) 1950-08-20v1-20
HagenAnne Mie Harrington Hagen(-)Artist 1951-01-09v1-321951L
HagenLouis (Budi) Hagen(1916-2000)Writer 1951-01-09v1-321951LWrote "Follow My Leader" (1951);
HagenPeter Hagen(1918- )Banker, singer 1951-09-08, 1951-10-14, 1952-08-16v2-6, v2-7, v2-171952SB-185; PhLCBrother to Budi Hagen
HagenYvonne Hagen(1918-2005)Journalist 1951-01-09v1-321951, 1952SB-94; PhLCsister-in-law to Hagen(Budi, Tom, Peter). Husband Karl Hagen died in Berlin Airlift. June 26, 1948.
HallerChichio Haller(1894-1955)Art Dealer, Collector1951SB-94,95,96,99Report from BodenseeCNeé Felicitas Trillhaase. Founder Chichio Haller Galerie Zurich
HammerschmidtIda Hammerschmidt(-) 1952-02-29v2-111951SB-183LGreat aunt to VHF
HammerschmidtLene Hammerschmidt(-)UnknownLwife to Paul Hammerschmidt ( cousin to VHF) Hagen Wetfalen
HammerschmidtPaul Hammerschmidt(1878-1951)BusinessOwnerLCDistant cousins to Hammersmiths in Milwaukee; Part of book dealership "Otto Hammerschmidt, Buchhandlung Verlag in Hagen-Westfalen." Married to Lene Hammerschmidt. Father to Lore Campe and Andreas Campe and grandson Joachim Campe
Hammersmith(1912-2008)SB-74; PhLC
Hammersmith(1882-1979)SB-72,73,74; PhLC
HartungHans Hartung(1904-1989) Painter 1949-11-28v1-31951, 1952SB-66,67,68,70,94; PhLC
HartungIlsa Quast Hartung(1909-1990) PainterSB-40Lwife to karl hartung
HartungKarl Hartung(1908-1967) Sculptor1951SB-40Report from Berlin, Report from BodenseeArtist
HaubrichJosef Haubrich(1889-1961)CollectorReport from BodenseeGave his entire art collection of Expressionist art to city of Cologne in 1946
HauserJack Hauser(-)Artist; Photographer, US-Stars&StripesPhStars & Stripes worked with Paul on feature section
HauserMargarete Hauser(-)Wife to Jack Hauser
HayFlorence Huntley Hay(1913-2005)Professor 1950-11-10v1-291951June 1950 proofed VF translations.Good friends with Virginia--travelled to Spain with her in 1951. Got her Ph.D. in 1955 Michigan State University .Apparent reflections of Comenius's philosophy in contemporary education
HazelipHill Hazelip(-)Poet 1951-04-25v1-41Ph
HeckelErich Heckel(1883-1970) Painter 1951-06-18v1-441951SB-32Report from BodenseeCArtist
HeckelSiddi Heckel(1891-1982)Dancer 1951-06-18v1-441951Report from BodenseeCArtist
HeinrichCapt. Theodore Heinrich(1910-1981)Museum Director, US-ArmedForcesReport from Berlin, Report from BodenseeBodensee Letter. Chapter in thebook : Monuments Men,d.b2U&cad=rja
HeldtWerner Heldt(1904-1954) Printmaker
HellerEvelyn Heller(-)1951
Hergenhahn-DinandInge Hergenhahn-Dinand(1907-2003)ArtistSB-88Friends with Muller-landau; referenced
HerrmannHerbert Herrmann(1906-1966)Art Dealer, Art HistorianReport from Bodensee1947-1949 Stuttgart gallery
HeuerBarlach Heuer(-)Painter 1949-11-25v1-1
HewetsonBob Hewetson(1913-1987)US State Dept1951, 1952
HewetsonJoan Hewetson(-2001) 1951-10-14v2-71951, 1952
HeydtBaron Eduard von der Heydt(1882-1964)CollectorReport from Bodensee
HicksJanet Hicks(-)Ph
HicksOrton Hicks(-)US-StateDeptDirector of Amerika Haus, Darmstadt
HigginsCarter Higgins(-)1 April 1947 letter.Industrialist family of Worcester. Owned early fontaines.
HigginsKitsy Higgins(-)
HildebrandtHans Hildebrandt(1878-1957)Art Historian 1951-06-26v1-461951L
HillAnsley Hill(1916-2003)LCwife to General Lee ? Hill-letters 1961
HillGeneral Francis Hill(1909-1973)US-ArmedForcesPhHusband to Ansley Hill 1961 letters
HindsRené Hinds(-)Artistart student in Darmstadt who visited P&V Fontaine
HobanJames Hoban(-) 1950-12-30v1-32
HoeppfnerMadeleine Hoeppfner(-) 1952-09-19v2-191952
HoeppfnerMarta Hoeppfner(1912-2000)Photographer 1952-09-19v2-191952
HoferCarl Hofer(1878-1955)Painter,Printmaker1951, 1952SB-42Report from BerlinArtist
HorneJoseph Horne(1911-1987)Military; Photographer, US-StateDept, US-HICOGReport from BodenseeHead of Amerika Haus. Showed Fontaine; 27Jan49Letter
HornerJack Horner(-)US-AG-Publications 1950-12-27, 1952-04-25v1-311951SB-72Report from Berlin
HornerRiva Horner(-) 1950-12-27v1-311951Wife to Jack Horner
HovsepianLeon Hovsepian(-)Painter1952CWorcester classmate at Worcester Art Museum and Yale
HowardRichard Foster Howard(1902-1987)Museum Director, US-ArmedForces1951Report from BodenseeBodensee Letter. Chapter in the book: Monuments Men
HunterJackie Hunter(-)Wife to Merle Hunter. Affair with Paul Fontaine
HunterMerle Hunter(-)Photographer, US-Stars&StripesLetter Nov 27 1962
JacobsEdith Jacobs(-)Writer 1951-07-04v2-21951, 1952Friends from Paris (letter 6-oct1950-diary & guestbook July 4th 1951) connected to Walter Reichhart
JaegerPeter Jaeger(-)Photographer, US-Stars&Stripes
JaenischHans Jaenisch(1907-1989) Painter1951
JafféHans Ludwig Cohn Jaffé(1915-1984)Museum Director 1952-04-07v2-131952Phworked with Sandberg at the Stedelijk
JaguerEdouard Jaguer(1924-2006)Poet 1951-09-01v2-41951Diary 1951. Colleague of Andre Breton
JaguerSimone Anne Ethuin Jaguer(1921-2009)Artist 1951-09-01v2-51951
JandaOldrich Janda(-)Art DealerDirector of Art Centrum Prague --helped VHF create Internatioanal Print Exhibit for Gordon Gilkey 2968
Jawlensky(1864-1941) Painter
JohnsonUna Johnson(1905-1997)Museum Director, Art Historian 1952-10-23v2-201952Curator of prints Brooklyn Museum --diary 1Nov1952; has a 30 year retrospective of her collecting
JonasWalter Jonas(1910-1971) PainterPhSwiss painter--friend of Chichio, Album p.94; bio:
JoossKurt Jooss(1901-1979)Choreographer, Dancer1952 Ph
KaesbachDr. Walter Kaesbach(1879-1961)Art Dealer, Museum Director, CollectorReport from BodenseeIn Bodensee Letter; Obituary * The Burlington Magazine >
* Vol. 103, No. 701, Aug., 1961 >
* Dr Walter Kaesbach
KatzanderHoward Katzander(1910-1983)Journalist, art critic, US-Stars&Stripes 1950-11-07v1-27
KatzanderShirley Katzander(-) 1950-11-07v1-27Wife to Howard Katzander
KauffmannAlex von Kauffmann(-)BusinessOwnerbrother to Henrike Kauffmann. Danish consulte to us. 28May1950letter decribes visit with Hanna Bekker. Chilhood friends
KenepsRelaneh Keneps(-)US-Stars&Stripes 1952-08-28v2-181952worked with Paul at S&S per Diary 28August1952
KerschbaumerAnton Kerschbaumer(1885-1931) PainterReport from BodenseeBodensee letter p.13 Met his wife and describes his work
KiepCharlotte ter Meer Kiep( -) 1951-04-03v1-411951Mother to Louis Liesler Kiep--?? Or married to Walther Kiep
KiepClaus Kiep(-)1951Grandson of Louis Liesler Kiep and Charlotte, son of Juergen Liesler Kiep
KiepHanna Kiep(1904-1979)DiplomatLUN, German Embassy D.C. Widow of consul general Dr. Otto Kiep, murdered by Hitler for July 20th plot. Letter 7 Sept 1953
KiepLouis Liesler Kiep(1884-1962)BusinessOwner 1950-08-17v1-191951Married to Eugenie vom Rath Hamburg-America shipping line
KiepWalther Kiep(1926-2016) 1951-04-03v1-411951son of Louis Liesler And Eugenie Kiep von Rath.Politician for new German government. Married to Charlotte.
Kiep vom RathEugenie Kiep vom Rath(1889-1980)1951CMarried to Louis Liesler Kiep
KingBarbara King(-)1951, 1952SB-135,146Travelled with Virginia and Sylvia Dayton, to Spain, May 1951, per Album p.134
KingJames E King(1914-1988)US-HICOG1951Executive Secretary HICOG. Wife Barbara King
KleePaul Klee(1879-1940)Painter,Printmaker
KleegeBob Kleege(1920-2011)US-Stars&Stripes 1954-03-20v2-40Stars & Stripes
KleegeMargaret Kleege(-) 1954-03-20v2-40
KlihmDr. Hans-Hellmut Klihm(1916-1980)Art DealerReport from Bodenseefounded Kunstkabinett Klihm-Munich. In Bodensee letter
KnorrBetty Knorr(-)US-Stars&Stripes1951, 1952Ken Zumwalt book: "The Stars & Stripes". Betty Luros married Maj Richard E. Knorr-wrote for Weekend edition S&S. 1953-Richard thrown in jail week for back taxes to Germans in import&export business.Moved to P.R. then London.
KnorrRichard ( Dick) Knorr(1916-)BusinessOwner1951Import-exporter in American goods in Germany. Former editor of Stars & Stripes. Letter June 3 1953
KochRuth Koch(-)Unknown1951Cousin to Virginia Fontaine; mother to Ursula Stone
KogonEugen Kogon(1903-1987)Writer, Journalist, Professor1951LSurvivor of Buchenwald Concentration camp. Lived in Frankfurt -owns Fontaine--diary oct 1951
KogstenJay H. Kogsten(-) 1953-06-02v2-32
KraftKurt Kraft(1910-2002)Son-in-law of Hanna Bekker 1952-03-06, 1953-03-06, 1955-12-17v2-12, v2-25, v2-461951, 1952PhSon-in-law of Hanna Bekker, husband to Maxine
KraftMaxine Kraft(1927-2017)Youngest daughter of Paul and Hanna Bekker1952-03-06, 1953-03-06, 1955-12-17v2-12, v2-25, v2-461951, 1952Ph
KrahnFridl Krahn(-) 1952-02-22v2-11
KrahnJohannes Krahn(1908-1974)Architect 1952-02-22v2-111951
KramerFerdinand Kramer(1898-1985)Architectjuly 6 1953.
KrauseFranz Krause(1897-1979)Artist1951SB-169; PhTaught with Tajiri and Oberhoff in Wuppertal, per Album p.169
KrenekErnst Krenek(1900-1991)Musician 1951-10-14v2-71951LComposed for the Ajemian girls
KrenekGladys Krenek(-) 1951-10-14v2-71951
KreutzbergHarald Kreutzberg(1902-1968)Choreographer, Dancer1952Ph
KrickeNorbert Kricke(1922-1986) Sculptor 1951-12-01, 1952-08-13v2-8, v2-171951, 1952
KrimmelBernd Krimmel(1926-) Writer,Painter 1955-10-21v2-45
KruckChristian Kruck(1925-1985)Painter,Sculptor,PrintmakerL
KuhnHans Kuhn(1905-1991) Painter 1950-12-23v1-301951Report from Bodenseementioned in 1951 diary, BodenseeLetter
KunzKarl Kunz(1905-1971) Painter 1951
KunzRosemary Kunz(-)US-StateDept, Madrid, Spain 1956-05-01v2-4719511951 Diary, Lived in Spain.Worked at embassy in madrid
Lackey see Beckwith(-)
LahsCurt Lahs(1893-1958) Printmaker
LairJesse M. Lair(-)US-StateDept 1950-04-02v1-11with Noonans-guestbook
LanderGisele Lander(-) 1954-06-05v2-41
LanderHelmut Lander(1924-2013) Sculptor 1954-06-05, 1955-09-17v2-41, v2-44C
LeeFrances Newell Lee(1916-1967)Artist1952letter 20 May 1955: Milwaukee Art patron
LeinerBruno Leiter(1890-1954)Museum DirectorSB-30Report from BodenseeMuseum Director of Rosengarten Museum Constance . In Bodensee Letter: possible art smuggler
LevedagMarie Josee Levedag(1910-2003) 1954-09-14v2-42
LewandowskiEdmund Lewandowski(1914-1998)Artistletter 20 May 1955: Milwaukee Art Patron
LieslerJosef Liesler(1912-2005)Painter,PrintmakerLPrint Purchased in Prague
LinckWalter Linck(1903-1975) Sculptor 1950-02-04, 1951-08-07, 1954-09-14v1-7, v2-3, v2-421951, 1952SB-97; PhLCdescribed in 11/14 1949 letter to Margaret Brown
Linck DaeppMargrit Linck Daepp(1897-1983) Ceramacist 1950-02-04, 1951-08-07v1-7, v2-31951, 1952SB-97; PhCArtist, Ceramacist
LockeyGiggit Lockey(-)SB-94,95 Friend to Chichio Haller -photoalbum p.94
LockhartKenneth B. Lockhart(1916-1994)Architect; First husband of Polly Coan see"Frank Lloyd Wright: Recollections by Those Who Knew Him" by Edgar Tafel
LothWilhelm Loth(1920-1993)Artist,SculptorLC
Luros see Knorr(-)
LüttwitzLidy von Lüttwitz(1902-1996) Sculptor 1951-06-01v1-441951SB-148Report from BerlinC
LutzeierPaul Lutzeier(1909-1973)US-HICOG1951, 1952SB-86; PhWrote about cultural affairs in Berlin and Frankfurt.
MacketanzFerdinand Macketanz(1902-1970) PainterReport from Bodensee
MallarméGeneviève Mallarmé(1911-1999)Choreographer, Dancer1952-04-20v2-13
MargolisBill Margolis(-)Photographer, US-Stars&StripesStars & Stripes Photographer
MarwitzChrista von der Marwitz(1918-2015)LMay 15 1953 letter
MasdenDolly Masden(-)
MasdenWilson B. Masden(-)Friends to Hammersmiths
MataréEwald Mataré(1887-1965)Sculptor,Printmaker1951SB-53,54,57; PhReport from BodenseeCArtist, Sculptor
MataréHanna Mataré(1891-1983)Singer 1950-02-19v1-91951SB-53,54,57; PhWife to Ewald Mataré
MataréSonja Mataré(1926-)SB-54,57; PhDaughter to Ewald Mataré
MauerPeggy Mauer(-) 1952-07-19v2-161952friends with Callado; travelled with Bob Boden and Peter Milton
MaywaldHelene Maywald( - )Photographer
MaywaldWilly Maywald(1907-1985)Photographer1951SB-96
MazeEva Maze(-)1961 letters
McClartyJack McClarty(1919-2011) PainterLKnew in Mexico. Lived in Portland
McCloyJohn McCloy(1895-1989)US-HICOG1951US High Commissioner for Germany
McKnightEline McKnight(1910-2000) Collector,Painter 1950-09-26, 1952-08-12v1-22, v2-161951, 1952SB-40,130Report from BodenseeCDiary 1951-Artist, Writer for Information Bulletin. Married to Maxwell McKnight
McKnightMaxwell McKnight(1911-1994)US-StateDept 1950-09-26v1-221951, 1952SB-130Colonel, Attorney, Diplomat, prosecuted war crimes in Dachau
MeidnerLudwig Meidner(1884-1966)Painter,PrintmakerPh
MettelElizabeth Mettel(-) 1950-11-04, 1952-02-22v1-26, v2-111951
MettelHans Mettel(1903-1966)Sculptor 1950-11-04, 1952-02-22v1-26, v2-111951
MeyerOtto Meyer(1894-1970)Museum Director, Art Historian1952Phworked at Stedelijk with Jaffee and Sandberg
MihalyJo Mihaly(1902-1989)Dancerdanced at HB KK opening. 30March1949 letter
MilnazikRobert Milnazik(1930-2012)Artist, US-Stars and Stripes 1954-03-14v2-38
MiltonPeter Milton(-) 1952-07-19v2-161952friends with Callado; travelled with Peggy Mauer and Bob Boden
MollMarg Moll(1884-1977)Artist,Painter,Sculptor 1953-10-19v2-36
MöllerFerdinand Möller(1882-1956)Art Dealer 1952-09-18v2-181951, 1952PhLCBook written: Galerie Ferdinand Möller : die Geschichte einer Galerie für moderne Kunst in Deutschland 1917-1956 / Eberhard Roters.
By Roters, Eberhard.
Berlin : Gebr. Mann, c1984.
MontaijnAleida Montaijn(1908-1989)Musician 1952-04-16v2-131952PhMusic director, Frankfurt City Theatre. Mary Wigman accompanist for 8 years. Ballet music composer for Kurt Jooss
MooreAznev Moore(-)1952SB-91Wife to Leslie Moore
MooreBernyce Moore(-) 1955-08-31v2-33
MooreLeslie Moore(1902-2002)Journalist1952SB-91Editor of Worcester Telegram: bio:; letter 30 March 1949, 4 Jan 1950
MooreWallie Moore(-) 1955-08-31v2-33
MorizetGeorgette Morizet(-) 1950-12-30v1-32"..knew Paul in Paris when he worked there. Importer for French firms and works along with JEIA" letter 27Jan1949
Müller-ErbachHans Otto Müller-Erbach(1921-1984)Painter,Printmaker L
Müller-LandauHermine Müller-Landau(-) 1950-11-04v1-251951wife to Rolf Müller-Landau
Müller-LandauRolf Müller-Landau(1903-1956) Painter 1950-11-04v1-251951, 1952SB-88,89
MyersBernard Samuel Myers(1909-1993)Art Historian 1950-7-11v1-16Edited "McGraw Hill Dictionary of Art". Focus on Expressioniss letter 7/13/1950
MyersShirley Myers(-) 1950-7-11v1-16wife to Bernard Myers
NayErnst Wilhelm Nay(1902-1968) Painter1951SB-24Report from BodenseeArtist, Fasching party, Frankfurt, 1947
NebelungHella Nebelung(1912-1985)Art Dealer1951
Nemtin Frances Polly Coan Lockhart Nemtin(1920-2015)Museum Director, architect1951Report from BodenseeCActing director of Milwaukee Art Institute; see finding aid; Virginia worked for her at Milwaukee Art Institute. Life long friends;
NeumannJsrael Ber (J.B.) Neumann(1887-1961)Art Dealer, Collector 1953-07-13v2-331951, 1952SB-176
NiehausMax Niehaus(1888-1981)Collector, Art HistorianLFriend of Hanna Bekker 27Jan1949 letter
NiemeyerWilhelm Niemeyer(1874-1960)Collector, Art Historian 1950-08-20v1-20
NieuwenhuysConstant Anton Nieuwenhuys(1920-2005) Painter 1951-03-21, 1955-12-17v1-39, v2-461951SB-128; PhKnown as Constant
NieuwenhuysVictor Nieuwenhuys(-)SB-128; PhSon to artist Known as Constant
NoonanTom Noonan(1914-1970)Collector, US-StateDept 1950-04-02v1-111951, 1952SB-86; PhLC
NoonanVictoria Aboud Noonan(1914-1978) 1950-04-02v1-111951, 1952SB-86; Ph
OberhoffErnst Oberhoff(1906-1980) Painter1951SB-169Taught at Wuppertal with Franze Krause and Tajiri, Nov 1951, per Album p.169
Oppersdorf(1896-1989)BusinessOwner SB-78Husband to Pucky Solms
Paquet-Steinhausen(1881-1958)Painter, ceramicist
PasinskiEdmund Pasinski(-) 1952interested In abstract art
PasinskiIrene Pasinski(-2002) 1955-09-17v2-441952Irene and Edmund Pasinski
PechsteinMax Pechstein(1881-1955)Painter,PrintmakerReport from Berlin
PiscatorErwin Piscator(1893-1966)Theatre DirectorLletters 9/14/1955 and 10/13/1955.
PlatschekHans Platschek(1923-2000)Artist, Writer 1953-04-18v2-26
PohlLavera Pohl(1901-1981)Artist, Museum Directorletter 20May1955: Milwaukee Art Patron. Milwaukee Art Institute Director 1951-1955
Porth (-2000)SB-74
Porth Jr.(1914-2000)SB-73,74
ProbstRudolf Probst(1890-1968)Art Dealer1951, 1952postcard from W.Baumeister 26 June 1953
ProelssMaria Proelss(1892-1962)Artist, Musician 1951-07-08v2-31951Report from Bodenseeroommate with Hanni Rocco. Exhibited by Chichio Haller, Zurich. Former concert pianist. Founded Frankfurter Kammermusikgemeinde in 1925. ( Frankfurt chamber music society)
QuintAnne Quint(-) 1955-09-17v2-44wife to Jim/James Quint
QuintJim Quint(-)US-Stars&Stripes 1955-09-17v2-44New Editor of Stars & Stripes per letter 14Sept1955 replacing Zumwalt. From San Mateo CA. Left S&S in 1958 for San Francisco Chronicle( Zumwalt book)
RaschHeinz Rasch(1902-1996)Architect 1950-12-01, 1953-09-29v1-30a, v2-361951SB-15; PhBauhaus Architect
RaschJutta Rasch(-)1951wife to Heinz Rasch
RaschMaria Louise Rasch(-)1951Cmother to Heinz Rasch
RaschRolf Rasch(-) 1950-01-31, 1953-09-29v1-4a, v2-36son of Heinz Rasch per letter October 1953 VHF
RathAlexander Rath(1900-1984) PainterSB-30Report from Bodensee
RathFrau Alexander Rath(-)SB-30
RebayHilla Rebay(1890-1967)Artist1951
Reich an der StolpeSiegfried Reich an der Stolpe(1912-2001) Painter1951C
ReichlePaul Reichle(1900-1981)Painter,SculptorReport from Bodensee
ReidemeisterDr. Leopold Reidemeister(1900-1987)Museum Director1951Report from Bodensee, 11/11/1947, 3/30/1949, 7/29/1950
ReinhartOskar Reinhart(1885-1965)CollectorReport from Bodensee, p. 16; letter Dec 28 1947Report from Bodensee, p. 16; letter Dec 28 1947
RemszhardtGodo Remszhardt(1904-1970)Writer, Journalist, Art Historian 1950-05-19v1-151951, 1952SB-85; Ph
RenéDenise René(1913-2012)Art Dealer1951Paris La Galerie Denise Rene
ReygersLeonie Reygers(1905-1985)Art Historian, Museum Director 1954-05-16v2-40
ReynoldsMary Reynolds(-) 1954-09-14v2-42Wife to Ray Reynolds
ReynoldsRay Reynolds(-)US-Stars&Stripes 1954-09-14v2-42
RibitzkiHerbert Ribitzki(-)Artist 1950-03-27v1-10Inventory of William Arntz papers-Getty
Ribitzki-Lochner?Friedel Ribitzki-Lochner?(-) 1950-03-27v1-10
RidgeGeorge Ridge(-)Journalist, US-Stars&Stripesowns a fontaine
RiedlFritz Riedl(1923-2012) Painter 1953-06-23v2-34
RiethAdolf (Alf) Rieth(1902-1984)Professor 1951-06-23, 1951-12-14, 1953-02-28, 1954-03-14v1-45, v2-9, v2-24, v2-371951SB-177CHelped protect artists and artwork in Tubingen during WWII;archeologist
RiethMissy Rieth(-) 1951-06-23, 1954-03-14v1-45, v2-371951C
RitschlDora Ritschl(-)1951, 1952Wife to Otto Ritschl
RitschlOtto Ritschl(1885-1976) Painter1951, 1952SB-28,29,86; PhReport from Berlin, Report from BodenseeCArtist, First Post War modern art opening-Mainz, put on by Dr. Busch
RoberstonJ. Edgar Roberston(-)Banker 1953-06-02v2-31stockholder In Milwaukee German-American Bank-friends with Hammersmiths
RoberstonM. Lucille Roberston(-) 1953-06-02v2-31CFriends of Hammersmiths from Milwaukee
RoccoHanni Rocco(1896-1900)Painter, Musician 1951-08-07v2-31951Report from Bodenseeroomate with Maria Proelss. Violinist
RoederEmy Roeder(1890-1971) Sculptor 1950-04-28v1-141951SB-90,118; PhC
RohJuliane Roh(1909-1987)Art Historian 1953-01-19v2-231951married to Franz Roh
RohlfsHelena Vogt Rohlfs(-)1951CAKA: Frau Christian Rohlfs; Friends with cousin Heinz Rasch and Uncle Paul Hammerschmidt for years -per letter 22-April-1948; see also Dec 2-1947 letter to Marylou describing visit with her
RoosNel Roos(1914-1970)Choreographer, Dancer 1952-04-15v2-131951, 1952PhLCDiary 1951 Founded Nel Roos Dance Academy
RoseMax Rose(-) 1951-09-08v2-6
RosenGerd Rosen(1903-1961)Art DealerReport from Bodensee
RottenburgWera von Rottenburg(-) 1951-08-07v2-31951
RousseauMadeleine Rousseau(1895-1980)Art HistorianWrote text of Hans Hartung book which VHF translated to English. Known for collecting african art
RüdlingerArnold (Noldi) Rüdlinger(1919-1967)Museum Director 1952-12-12v2-231951, 1952LCDirector of the Bern Kunsthalle
SandbergWillem Jacob Henri Berend Sandberg(1897-1984)Museum Director 1952-04-07v2-131952PhCbook by Ad Peterson Sandberg, Designer & Director of the Stedelijk, 2004; Also Sandberg, een documentaire/a cocumentary. Pub. 1975
SawyerCharles H. Sawyer(1906-2005)Museum DirectorCKnew PF at Worcester Art Museum school. Owned a watercolor
SchaeferHerwin Schaefer(1916-)Museum Director, Librarian,Professor, US-HICOG 1952-02-22v2-11
SchaeferHilda Schaefer(-)Married to Herwin 1952-02-22v2-11
SchäferWilhelm Schäfer(1868-1952)Artist, Poet,PainterReport from BodenseeFriends of Hanna Bekker's. In Bodensee Letter
Schäfer(-)Married to WilhelmSB-29,30
SchalkEleanor von der Schalk(-)L
SchelbertGustav Schelbert(-)MusicianSB-48
Schenck see Cosgrove(-)
SchlotterEberhard Schlotter(1921-2014)Painter,Printmaker 1955-09-17v2-44|342.739.1
SchlotterGotthelf Schlotter(1922-2007)Sculptor,Printmaker
SchmidtErika Schmidt(-) 1953-06-02v2-32
Schmidt-RottluffIda Kerkovius(1879-1970)Painter, Weaver 1949-12-27,1950-11-04, 1951-08-07v1-4, v1-26, v2-31951SB-24,36,37,64; PhReport from BodenseeCArtist ;Fasching party, Frankfurt, 1947; Stuttgart studio, 1948
Schmidt-RottluffKarl Schmidt-Rottluff(1884-1976) Painter 1949-12-27, 1951-09-08v1-4, v2-61951SB-40,90; PhReport from Berlin, Report from BodenseeCArtist
Schmidt-RottluffEmy Schmidt-Rottluff(1883-1975) 1949-12-27v1-41951SB-40,90C
Schmidt-SchmiedSchmidt-Schmied Hermann(1924-2010) Painter
Schmidt-SchmiedHermann Schmidt-Schmied(1924-2010) Painter
SchnitzlerGeorg von Schnitzler(1884-1962)BusinessOwner1951Lhusband to cousin to Hanna Bekker.letter 8March1949
SchnitzlerLilly von Schnitzler(1889-1981)Collector1951Lcousin to Hanna Bekker. Letter 8 March 1949, 30 March 1949
SchreibWerner Schreib(1925-1969) PrintmakerNumerous one-man shows. Paul & Virginia had great respect for him and were very sadened when he was killed in a car accident in his new porsche.--see artworks
Schultess-RechbergFrau von Schultess-Rechberg(-)Report from BodenseePresumed wife of Anton Schulthess-Rechberg,(1855-1941), Zurich, renowned medical doctor, head of the Swiss Red Cross
SchultzeBernard Schultze(1915-2005) Painter 1951-06-18v1-441951, 1952SB-86; PhCMarried to painter Ursula Bluhm
SchultzeUrsula Bluhm Schultze(1921-1999)Painter, HICOG 1951-06-18, 1952-04-25v1-44, v2-141951, 1952SB-86; PhLCMarried to Bernard Schultze. Mentioned in 13Sept 1950 letter from Domnick. Worked for Lupzeier, Amerika Haus
Schulz-DehnhardtFriedel Schulz-Dehnhardt(1909-2011) Painter 1952-09-19v2-191952
SchurrErich Schurr(1906-1989)Painter, ArchitectReport from BodenseeBodensee letter p.1, Stuttgart. Built Ida Kerkovius house. Pupil of Ida K
ScottHazel Scott(1920-1981)SingerL7 Sept 1953 letter
SeitzGustav Seitz(1906-1969)Sculptor, Printmaker
ShawBetty Shaw(-)
ShawChuck Shaw(-)US-ArmedForces30March49 letter; 5/26/49 letter
SiegfriedJean Siegfried(-)Artist, Art Dealer1952friends since before college days
SintenisRenée Sintenis(1888-1965)SculptorLletters 18/22June1949ßßfriend to Chichio Haller
SivkoVaclav Sivko(1923-1974)Painter,Printmakerpurchased in book store in Prague by VHF 1968
SlaterJoseph E. Slater(1922-2002)US-HICOG1951Secretary to McCloy --wife is Ann ( not Margot) in 1951 diary
Snow SewallEdith Snow Sewall(-)Poet1952Cin 1952 Diary. Boston based. Translated Hans Carossa
SolanerMarianne Solaner(-)
SolmsMarie Louise (Marylou) Solms(1914-1985)Poet 1950-02-04, 1950-08-25v1-6, v1-211951, 1952SB-22,78,79CPrincess, sister to Marie Gabrielle Solms-Oppersdorff-Braunfels castle
Solms-OppersdorffMarie Gabrielle (Pucky) Solms-Oppersdorff(-) 1952-2-7 v2-101951SB-78,79Princess sister to Marylou Solms - Braunfels castle
SpearsPaul Spears(-)Journalist, US-Stars&StripesStripes correspondent for D.C. Letter 1/14/1961 owns painting?
SpillerJurg Spiller(1913-1974)Writer, Painter1951CWrote "Paul Klee:The Thinking Eye" or "Das Bildnerische Denken", 1956
St. JeromeJerome St. Jerome(-) 1953-06-16v2-33
Standen AppletonEdith Standen Appleton(1905-1998)Art Historian, US-ArmedForcesReport from BodenseeIn BodenseeLetter 1947; in book: Monuments Men
StanglOtto Stangl(1915-1990)Art Dealer 1950-11-27v1-301951
StarkElsie Stark(1905-2005)UnknownNutritionist in Milwaukee. In Bridal Registry ( see Elsie Stark bio notes-Milwaukee Sentinel Newspaper references)
SteinJury Stein(-) 1950-08-06, 1950-10-31v1-18, v1-241951
SteinNatasha Stein(-) 1950-08-06v1-18
SteinPeter Stein(-)SB-114
Stein RawlingBarbara Stein(1921-2018) 1950-08-06, 1950-10-31v1-18, v1-241951LC
SteinforthPeter Steinforth(1923-1981) PainterLCExhibited with PF in 1958--see Books catalog
SternLucia Stern(1895-1987)Artist1951SB-115C
StompsLouise Stomps(1900-1988)Sculptor,Printmaker
StoneUrsula Stone(-)Unknowncousin to VHF. Daughter to Ruth Koch
StoutGeorge Stout(1897-1978)Museum Director, Art Historian, US-ArmedForces1952Lletter 15Nov1950. Worcester Art Museum director. Monument Man
StreckerPaul Strecker(1898-1950)Printmaker
StröherKarl Ströher(1890-1977)Collector, BusinessOwner1951C
SummersWilliam (Wally) Summers(-)US-Stars&Stripes, US-AG-PublicationsSB-72
TajiriShinkitchi Tajiri(1923-2009) Sculptor 1951-04-20v1-401951SB-129,169
TashkoArturo Tat Tashko(1901-1994) Painter 1950-05-03v1-131951
TheunertChristian Theunert(1899-1981)Sculptor,Printmaker
ThiemannHans Thiemann(1910-1977)Printmaker
ThormaehlenLudwig Thormaehlen(1889-1956)Art Historian,Sculptor 1950-04-28v1-14
TomadaHermann Tomada(1907-1990)Sculptor,PrintmakerL
TomanovaEmilie Tomanova(1933-1994)PrintmakerPart of Czech group exhibition curated by V Fontaine for Gordon Gilkey 1968
TrofimowaNatascha Trofimowa(1923-1979)DancerL7 Sept 1953 letter. Friends with Bruni Falcon
TrökesHeinz Trökes(1913-1997)Artist, Art Dealer,PainterReport from BerlinC
TschumiOtto Tschumi(1904-1985)PainterLExhibited with Paul Fontaine Oct -Nov 1949 in Zurich
TuchTom Tuck(1924-)US-HICOG1951, 1952
TuchRuth Tuck(-)1951, 1952Wife to Tom Tuck
TuttrupNancy Tuttrup(-)SB-16At Wildemann, Baumeister, Fontaine opening, Kunstkabinett, May 1948
TuttrupPaul Tuttrup(-)ProfessorFriends from Milwaukee (Milwaukee Sentinel marriage announcement 1939)
UbacRaoul Ubac(1910-1985)Painter,Sculptor1951
UhlmannHans Uhlmann(1900-1975)Sculptor, Printmaker1951SB-41Report from BerlinCArtist
VaccaroTony Vaccaro(1922-)Photographer, US-AG-Publicationsphotographed Virginia Paul and Carol in their apartment
ValentinCurt Valentin(1902-1954)Art DealerLAug 5, 1949 letter; 11/14/1949 letter
ValentinerDr. Wilhelm Rheinold Valentiner(1880-1958)Art Historian1951LPurchased Paul Fontaine works
Van Delden(1908-)US-HICOG
Van SteenbergAdlyn Moeller Van Steenberg(1913-2000)Writer1952SB-92Lletter 3Feb1950 about purchasing a Fontaine. Home Furmishing's Bride's House Magazine; letter May 20 1955
ViettaEgon Vietta(1903-1959)Journalist, Art Historian1951C
VogelDr. Hans Vogel(1897-1973)Art Historian, Museum Director1951
VogelIlse-Margret Vogel(1914-2001)Art Dealer, Writer1951Report from Berlin, Report from Bodenseeco-managed Gerd Rosen Galerie, Berlin Authored: Bad times-Good Times: a memoir, in Berlin letter
VömelAlex Vömel(1897-1985)Art Dealer1951SB-57
VömelFrau Vömel(1897-1976)1951SB-57
VondenhothEleanore Vondenhoth(-) 1950-10-21v1-231951Wife of Director of Frankfurt Symphony and theater. Friends with Hanna also. (reference letter Oct 24, 1950, guestbook p.23) Diary 1951 --correspondent with Herman Hesse
WagnerHans Wagner(1902-1980)PainterLWiesbaden artist
WallenbergHans Wallenberg(1907-1977)JournalistLeditor for Neue Zeitung letter July 6 1953
WashburnGordon Bailey Washburn(1904-1983)Museum Director, Art Historian 1952-04-25v2-14part of Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh with Charlotte Weidler
WeberPaul Weber(1893-1985)CollectorReport from BodenseeFarmer turned collector
WeidlerCharlotte Weidler(1896-1983)Writer, Art Historian 1950-06-11, 1950-08-20, 1952-04-25, 1952-08-12, 1952-09-18v1-16, v1-20, v2-14, v2-16, v2-181952SB-86; PhReport from BodenseeC
WeissPeter Weiss(1916-1982)playwright, painter, printmaker 1955-09-17v2-44
WernerTheodor Werner(1886-1969)Painter1951PhMarried to Woty Werner
WernerWoty Werner(1903-1971)Artist, Weaver 1950-11-25v1-301951CMarried to Theodor Werner
WigmanMary Wigman(1886-1973)Choreographer, Dancer1952PhLC
WildemannHeinrich Wildemann(1904-1964)Artist,Printmaker 1950-03-20v1-10SB-16Report from Bodensee
WilliamsEmmett Williams(1925-2007)Artist, Poet, US-Stars&StripesWorked at Stripes
WinglerHans Maria Wingler(1920-1984)Writer, Art Historian 1952-10-23v2-201952Wrote extensively on Bauhaus.
WinglerAnna Maria Wingler(-) 1952-10-23v2-201952wife to Hans Maria Wingler
WinterFritz Winter(1905-1976)Artist,Painter,Printmaker 1951-06-21v1-441951SB-130C
WinterKlaus Winter(1935-1980)Artist 1952-12-02v2-201952Cworked with Helmut Bischoff on childrens books-see guestbook v. 2
WolfenspergerDr. Wolfensperger(-)Banker, CollectorReport from BodenseeZurich
YahrEvangeline M "Marion" Yahr(1906-1991)Dancer 1952-12-23v2-231952PhLC40 years of teaching dance at Wisconsin College of Music. Moved to Salzburg Austria in 1968
ZadkineOssip Zadkine(1890-1967)SculptorSB-169,170
ZadokCharles Zadok(1897-1984)Collector, BusinessOwnerMilwaukee Art Museum inherited collection.
ZadokEugenia (Genia) Balkin Zadok(1900-1988)Collectorletter 20 May 1955: Milwaukee Art Patron
ZimmermannMac Zimmermann(1912-1955)Printmaker
ZullickHans Zullick(-)Dancer1952Dancer of the Jooss Ballet Company
ZumwaltKenneth Zumwalt(-1992)US-Stars&Stripes 1953-05-15v2-28CManaging Editor of Stars&Stripes, hired Paul, left Germany Sept 1955 per 14 Sept1955 letter
ZumwaltPaulette Zumwalt(-) Painter 1953-05-15v2-28
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